Spice up your menu
Thailand in your kitchen!
Authentic flavours
Take your senses on a trip to Bangkok
With fresh spices
No artificial flavours or colouring
Easy Thai recipes
Videos with cooking instructions
Spice up your menu
Thailand in your kitchen!
Authentic flavours
Take your senses on a trip to Bangkok
With fresh spices
No artificial flavours or colouring
Easy Thai recipes
Videos with cooking instructions


Fuss-free Thai Cooking


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Easy & delicious to cook at home

Laab Kai - Thai Chicken Salad

Easy | Mild | 30 min

Thai-Style Minestrone

Easy | Hot | 30 min

Spicy Thai steak "Larb style"

Easy | Hot | 30 min

Creamy chicken satay

Easy | Mild | 30 min

Thai green curry rubbed grilled salmon

Easy | Hot | 45 min

Vegan Pad Thai

Easy | Mild | 45 min

Thai Tofu Satay with Peanut Sauce

Easy | Mild | 45 min

Vegetarian Thai stir-fry tofu with basil

Easy | Hot | 30 min

Red Curry Spring Rolls

Intermediate | Mild | 30 min

Thai Sweet Chilli Salmon

Easy | Mild | 15 min


Not sure where to start? Shop our best selling items and flavors.

Peanut Satay sauce 250ml
  • €4,80
Pad Thai noodles kit 300g
  • €8,20
Green Curry Kit 260g
  • €8,20
Red Curry Paste 70g
  • €3,40
Tom Yam Soup Paste 70g
  • €3,40

Sold out

Pad Thai Rice Noodles 270g
  • €5,20

Sold out

Spring Roll Wrappers 100g
  • €3,60

Sold out

Green Curry Sauce 200g
  • €5,40

Cook Thai like a local

With a wide variety of curries, sauces and kits from the SIAM, cooking delicious authentic Thai dishes couldn't be easier !

Impress your friends and family with a taste of genuine homemade Thai cuisine that you'll never find from your neighbourhood takeaway...

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Read why people love Thai cooking with SIAM ingredients

Easy vegan bowl !
My favorite sauce is: Peanut Satay Sauce by Siam! 

Watch the video

Linna Forestal

By a zillion, million miles
THIS is my new favourite recipe !

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The Koh Samui Guide

This peanut sauce is really quite delicious!

I'm looking forward to trying the other SIAM products ...

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Coconut Cream
with Well Seasoned Executive Chef Carl Sawatsky

Watch video

Executive Chef Carl Sawatsky

These sachets of sauce from SIAM are full of flavour !

I'm a big curry fan, and these are very handy to have ...

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The Skinny Doll

Thai cuisine is amongst the most renowned worldwide, often sought for its exotic, fragrant and mild spicy seasoning.

SIAM's diverse and locally sourced ingredients allows you to rediscover your holiday feeling with every bite.

Bring the essence of Bangkok to your doorstep !


Each of SIAM's products are expertly prepared in the heart of Thailand, fused with specially selected herbs and spices to give a full, unique taste without any artificial flavouring. All of our recipes are cultivated in-house, customised to please all palates with a rich yet balanced taste of the finest Thai cuisine.


With dozens of our tutorials online, you can become a pro in Thai cooking in no time !

Each of our how-to videos have been created to easily guide you through a step-by-step process toward preparing the perfect dish.

You can find all of our videos on our website, or by scanning the QR code printed on all of our packaging.


SIAM's packaging is more than just wrapping. Vibrant colours, elegant design, and a fresh finish together mirror
the high quality of the contents inside, allowing you to easily navigate through an often disorienting supermarket shelf.

Our Bangkok street-food inspired display stands invite you to uniquely experience all of our products in a way that stands out
from the crowd in any setting.

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