Creative eye-catching displays !

Creative eye-catching displays !

POS displays play a vital role in influencing purchasing decisions at the critical moment when customers are in-store and ready to buy.
By implementing our POS tools effectively, you can create an engaging and immersive shopping experience that drives sales and increases brand visibility for the SIAM Thai cooking range.

1. TUK TUK - marketing materials set


Tuk Tuk pos SIAM
1 Tuk Tuk (pre-assembled), 1 Thai Totem, 1 Thai Decorative Fan, 4 posters, 4 Thai mini flags.
Set does not contain any cardboard display stand (delivered separately).


Stand out in store !

This outstanding display is a captivating and memorable tribute to the streets of Bangkok!

They are perfect to create a memorable and effective promotion during the Chinese New Year season.

Position the Tuk Tuk carton display in high-traffic areas of the store, especially near entrances or checkout counters where it's likely to attract attention.

2. DISPLAYS - Cardboard Stands


Cardboard Displays SIAM
W40 x D30 x H170 cm


Impactful and compact in-store displays

Easy to assemble floor displays with shelf clips.

SIAM Thai cooking range can be showcased effectively in just minutes!



Magnetic Banners SIAM
Set of 4 banners (with magnetic arms) W20 x H60 cm


A versatile display solution

Double-sided banners with a matte print surface.

Delivered with a powerful magnetic arm that securely grip metal shelf edges, allowing for easy installation above or below the shelf.
No tools or adhesives required – simply attach and go.



Wobblers SIAM
Set of 4 wobblers - W10 x H18.5 cm


Wobblers customized with Thai icons.
An excellent way to infuse a Thai style into retail shelf displays, adding vibrancy and cultural flair.



Recipe Cards SIAM
Set of Recipes Cards (8x50 pieces)


Inspire customers to explore Thai cuisine!
Thai recipe cards featuring 8 different recipes, each displaying a QR code linking to a video demonstration.